In june Vogue Eyewear launched a contest on Internet and in shopping centers of different cities in the world. The aim was to bring the latest trends of the brand to women. Vogue Eyewear selected Magic Touch agency to develop this marketing action.

1500 women went to the stands installed in the shopping centers where the brand offered their advices about fashion trends and custom styling, to adapt the clothes to their physical traits.




The online campaign was done through the site of the brand where the participants had to dress up to the virtual characters with clothing and accessories, including the glasses of the brand. Both the characters and the clothes and accessories are provided by the site. Although the contest has finished, you can still enter and play.

The looks created by the participants have been published in the gallery of the contest and on the Facebook page of Vogue Eyewear.

All women who participate in both online and offline campaign entered into ‘Fashion Closet’ draw where the winning goes shopping for a day with an expert stylist and with 3000 euros to spend.

This is a new experience of brand that has not left indifferent to women. Vogue Eyewear has surprised bringing the latest trends to the fashion followers, while it fascinates to  anyone because it is a great impact campaign.

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