Thinkso Creative, a Manhattan based design and branding firm, has launched an interview series called Tell Me More. Each video features a female entrepreneur or maketing professional explaining how they use design to invigorate their professional and personal brands. The series covers a wide range of topics, from the struggles of launching a new business to rebranding an organization after years of work.

“The first impression we have of anything is visual,” says Elizabeth Howard, founder of Broadbridge International Group and on of the Tell Me More participants. “Desing, in my mind, has played a very important role strategically in anything that I do.” No matter their position or industry, the women all agree on one major point: desing matters.

Thinkso is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, an honor awarded to companies where the majority of staff and management are female. Many of Thinkso’s clients and contacts are women as well.

Amanda Neville, a partner at Thinkso, said, “Tell Me More is educational. The women we interview advise on how to use design effectively and how it worked for them. The message if more meaninful when it comes from people who have been through the process and are speaking from frist-hand experience.”

Tell Me More looks to elevate women business owners and entrepreneurs. The series provides insider knowledge to help business savvy women achieve their business goals. The Tell Me More series shows how design can uplift not only brands and businesses but women themselves.

First Video- Tell Me More: Sarah Kauss

Sarah Kauss explains the relationship that emerged as she founded S’well Bottle between her product, her mission, and her design strategy.

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