On March 4, took place in Barcelona the 5th International Forum of Communication and Branding: Rethinkher which included professional expert speakers on the topic. , as Janne Cunnigham, Philippa Roberts, Avivah Witenberg-Cox, Ignacio Morgado, Alberto Pierpaoli, Carolina Foster Kenny, Jesus Alonso, Alfons Cornella and Marti Barletta. They stressed the need for greater presence of women in the world of communication and demonstrated through studies, facts, figures and arguments that the woman is a new ‘superpotency’.

We leave the manifest of Rethinkher which reflects the most important ideas, the links with the impressions of the bloggers attending the Congreso, and the videos of the event and interviews with speakers.

We hope this information helps you to reflect on the theme of women as a new emerging force in the market and her work on communication companies.

Manifest of Rethinkher

1. Women represent the largest emerging market of the planet, more than the Chinese and Indian markets together.

2. In order to reach the 51% segment of the market that makes 80% of the purchases, we must learn to connect with women and communicate with their language by re-elaborating all the strategies.

3. Differences between a man’s personality, his way of feeling and thinking and a woman’s are big enough to be taken into account.

4. Biologically, a woman’s brain has specific talents. Women have more emotional intelligence, more empathy, manage feelings better and are more verbally skilled.

5. The change that the image of women has undergone in the last few years has been one of the most drastic ones. Women today are completely different from their mothers and grandmothers.

6. Gender differences exist to be recognized, used and enjoyed. Incorporating feminine language in a commercial spot does not mean being separatist but bilingual.

7. Improving society and environment, aesthetic design, earning time, cooperation, collaboration and empathy are major motivations and values in a woman.

8. Men buy. Women go shopping. When a female consumer goes shopping, she embarks on a journey based on communication, experiences and details.

9. Women buy in a spirally. Before making a decision, they ask, find opinions and soak up all the information. Inspired by detail and planning ahead, their aim is to find the perfect answer.

10. The young (15-to-24-year-old) new generation (from 15 to 24 years old) has grown up in the Internet era. These digital natives are not only consumers but want to play a more active role and they have a strong feminine consciousness.

11. With more female users, social networks have reinvented communication, turning it into an act of exchange, of community sharing. Brands have to adapt to this new world.

12. Having creative women manage the communication of brands aimed at women is more profitable for agencies and advertisers. Women must create the image that advertisement shows of themselves.

13. Female consumers pay no attention to commercials that do not represent women in a realistic and credible way. Women must be shown from a more authentic perspective with which they can identify.

14. There is a lack of new, smart and inspiring ideas in advertisement for products aimed to at a female audience. Women avoid any advertisement that tries to reflect an emotion without really provoking it and they would like to see more humour in advertisements aimed at women.

15. Men and women have different patterns and strategies. While men are linear, women are multitaskers and prefer working at full capacity. Men prioritize and women maximize.

16. Women usually think that people are the most important and interesting thing in any situation. Men prefer things and theorems.

17. In a conversation, men compete whereas women connect looking for things they might have in common.

18. Understanding female consumers better is the key to success for a product or service. If you have a female client, you have a faithful ambassador for your brand.

Bloggers and influencers in the network attended the Congress as VIP guests. Some have left their opinions and impressions about Congress in their blogs that I recommend reading:

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From here we want to congratulate to the organizers of Rethinkher, especially to Gemma Cernuda, its Director, for opening this type of discussions that go unnoticed for many people. Congratulations for the success, and we ask to her that don’t close this discussion, because there is still plenty to talk about and many ideas that deepen.

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