In very little time, the Indian advertising industry has emerged as one of the most important industries. Nowadays, its advertising professionals are in the best international festivals and  its campaigns are famous for its originality and  creativity. We have found some examples of this change. What is your opinion? Do you know any interesting indian campaign?

Gold Council Campaign

Agency: BBH India, Mumbai
Creative director and copywriter: Russell Barrett
Creatives: Kunal Sawant and Abhiruchi Chand
Account planners: Partha Sinha and Dhiren Amin
Account managers: Subhash Kamath, Abhishek Razdan and Nafisa Alvares.

Sawansukha Campaign
Agency:  Sawansukha, India
Brand: Sawansukha
Creative Directors: Sudip Mallik and Arindam Sengupta
Copywriter: Sudip Mallik
Art Director: Sukanta Ghosh Dastidar
Photography:Sukanta Ghosh Dastidar
Published: June, 2011

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