This new column from Buenos Aires, arose alter being a frequent and fan reader of Adwomen.

It intends to be an additional contribution to the world wide exchange of views and ideas, and to enlarge the net that allows us to get in contact and learn from other voices separated by many kilometers. It will provide ways of comparing and sharing coomon situations to women spread all over the planet.

To start  I think that it would be appropiate to describe at a glance how is the treatment of women in Argentine Advertising


There is a study performed in 2008 by the Starcom Media Group named “The five As of women in Argentine Advertising”.

Their conclusions were originated after carefully analizing more than 150 ads relate

d to medicine, beauty, food, beverages, cleaning. Far away from household duties, such as kitchen, ironing, washing, advertising adressed to women is now characterized by stressing other values such as self-exigence, autonomy, autenticity, self sufficiency, originality.

Pictures show in vast majority, situations in wich women appear alone, without a male partner, friends or family. It transmits the idea that time has come to take care of their own needs, without the approval by third people. This tries to mean that it is over the time in wich women had as a duty to cook for her children and replace it by the act of cooking with their children, as a ludic attitude.

Is advertising changing the romanticism? No, they say: “Women still like to be coquered by a man”. The new ads show them self confident, sometimes as we would like to be portrait and others as we really are.



An example of “real woman” in Argentina advertising was the campaign Lucchetti launched in 2009.

Mama Lucchetti. The campaign starring for realistic, imperfects and human mothers, took all the votes in the polly of Target that more than 120 advertising people did it. The respondents highlighted the concept, the creativity, the humor and the imagenes; and the detail to leave the comfort of “doing the same thing”


The creative team was inspired in characters such as Britney Spears with her baby and

presented mothers who make disappear their husbands when they say something

inappropriate, and who use the blender for not listen to their children, but who love them and cook them with love.

One of the respondent says “treat the mother as an intelligent person, was the big find” Something as basic and elemental as that, but original turn. The work lasted a year. Creatives talked to their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, friends…

They generated a million visits in YouTube, more than 130 groups of the brand in facebook, with over 300,000 fans. 80,000 people downloaded the image of the puppets in the microsite for the campaign.

In real world also it had effect “we grew in all categories where the brand is involved” adds Mahlknecht. One thing more, the mark would increased 15 points of share, in broth, according to market data.

The mother of the propaganda

Kitchen light. Luchetti

Choir. Luchetti

The blender. Luchetti

The master of the soup

The blender. Stickers



Other interesting example of self-demanding woman is the Actron Woman campaign.

The woman are taking on new roles in modern life. Each time she is more independent and more dynamic in both family life and at work. And this has not gone unnoticed by the most companies in the health field who are shifting their strategy to try to win them.

Welcome to or new space. This is just a beginning. Soon we’ll start knowning and be inspirated by talented and very professional women, from this side of the world.

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