New York, NY, September 7, 2011 — When Mandy Gresh decided to launch her own business, she faced a unique set of challenges. Mandy previously worked for large companies with established brand identities, like Travelzoo. In her interview for Thinkso’s Tell Me More, she reflects on how integral her design strategy was for her start‐up. is a website catered towards city dwelling dog owners. The site provides urban
dog owners with exclusive meet‐ups, deals, and other resources. Mandy invested in design
to solve one of the common business problems of start‐ups: standing out in a crowded market. “I wanted [the brand] to have that urban look and feel,”she says.Waglee’s got its urban brand identity from a hand‐drawn, animated logo of a sleek dog, a bright color palate, and other strong design elements.

Manhattan‐based design and marketing agency Thinkso Creative launched Tell Me More to provide viewers with case studies of how design and brand strategy solve tangible business problems. The interview participants range from non‐profit leaders, business owners, and marketing experts who all share their experiences and insights. Despite their differences, they all agree on one crucial point: design matters.

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