First came the snuff and alcohol and now it is the turn to products that promote the cult of the body.


In Spain will be banned television advertising of slimming and cosmetic surgery among six o’clock at morning and ten o’clock at night, as a measure of protection to the child audience. Because that is the schedule of child protection, a stretch in which it is banned the broadcast of contents that may be harmful to their physical, mental or moral development.


Any channel can deliver advertising that lead to repulse of self-image, incites to the social exclusion by the physical condition or the success for weight factors. The objective of the measure is combat all kind of advertising which could result in children under conditions such as anorexia or bulimia.



This law affects a powerful advertising industry such as clinics aesthetic, the beauty and slimming products, a sector that move a billions. According to INFOADEX, the beauty and hygiene sector is the third in ad inversion, with over 500 million.

But thanks to her it will end to instill our children the idea of the perfect body through television advertisements, and so avoid are generated eating disorders between them.

Fat Free Talk is an international organization whose campaign has like aims to draw attention on the harmful effects of fat talk and the “thin ideal” for women today.

They call to all women to make the commitment to spread their message by removing “fat talk” in their conversations.The society should consider this.

In this case the advertising has a lot of pressure on children and it is our responsibility to control it and choose the best for them. Don’t forget that the effect that the images produced and the sale of slimming products by advertising on them, particularly adolescents, is enormous.

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