Although I have allways been in favour of diversity I think that being a mother potentiated my contributions as a professional in advertising, a small grain of sand  for the integration of our society.

After reviewing a number of commercials showing families I was surprised by the stereotype which repeated in different advertysings of several brands

Slim and beautiful mothers, sportive,intelligent and obeying sons, successful husbands playing with their pets.

Is this the ideal family of our society?

This is a paradoxical attitude. It seems that our advertising campaigns as well as their sponsors do not want to evolve with the changes taking place in our societies.

In Argentina one of the headlines in our journals has been the approval of the marriage among gay couples. The question which arises is ¿ when will our companies start working on facts taking place in the real world? Widows with children, families with handicapped children, homosexual couples, obesity? These are realities that are not taken as an ideal, but they occur in reality.

The definition of diversity includes the differences among groups in terms of age, sex, ethnics, religion, physical or mental capacity. And our societies are composed by a variety of people, including those with some the previously mentioned characteristics. When are we going to assume this really in advertising? This attitude will certainly help to the better integration and will provide support to the continious struggle of many social organizations.

I believe as an advertising professional that it is one of our responsabilities to take the initiative. And understand that our stand will contribute to building up a more integrated society.

Diversity is the source of exchange, innovation and creativity. And is as needed for mankind as was biological diversity for the understanding of nature. In this sense it is part of mankind’s patrimony and should be recognized and supported for the benefit of present and future generations.

Meanwhile,other advertising communities have started in developed countries to work on this issue:

The American Advertsing Association agreed to increase showng diversity in ads.

Another brand that had the courage many years ago to show diversity in an advertising spot is Oreo cookies. An excelent example to show that diversity can also sell, besides giving society a precious message

Andrea Pirarev

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