After it’s success in France, Germany and England, the Wilkinson’s new product called ‘Quattro for Women Bikini’ arrive to Spain with the intention of becoming an important gap in the market for female depilation.

It is the first device that shaves, cuts and transforms the bikini line. It allows women to achieve a defined and carefully image in the most sensitive zone.

With this new women’s razor, Wilkinson, belonging to the Energizar group has entered successfully in the main European markets. According to data provided by the agency, 18% of British women have already tried Quattro for Women Bikini, in the first seven months of 2009 Wilkinson sold over a million units in the UK. In France and Germany is the best-selling razor since its launch.

It also triumphed in the American market with the commercial ‘Mow the lawn’ about which we talked in the blog the last year. It was very controversial because the creative women of the ad gave with this a spin on the typical ads depilation products for women.

In Spain to make it known, Comunica+A agency has developed a campaign that includes Internet 360 through the site, public relations and external advertising.

The target audience of this campaign are stylish young women, followers of the latest trends and who want high-performance products with which they feel safe and prepared for any occasion.

Before going out to the press and the market they have made presentations exclusively for women bloggers where these have noted the new features included in the product.

Here you have the video of one of the events.

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