On-line indie woman clothes “Mod-Cloth” has developed an iniciative that has got an efficient marketing tool as a result. Shop that I discovered thanks to lookbook, the fashion world showcase. The store sells different kind of clothes. There's no problem producing t-shirts, easy in terms of design and pattern making. Problems come with the dresses, jackets or skirts, more technically complicated and also needs to be a big number of garments to be really profitable.

The big problem of all retailers, isn't it? I adore this dress, but It would work the same for my clients? And here comes the creative decision. The solution of this problem has been one simple question. Wich dress do you want me to product? The so much talked about “feed back” in marketing. The fashion industry now has a new consumer behavior to follow and, of course, to explote. This is a evolution for prosumer. To be the brand's consumer and producer. Modcloth exposes 61 designs to vote. The consumers are invited to leave comments and post it after on his facebook or twitter. If that design finally gets into production, they receive and e-mail notification as soon as it's available, allowing them to be the first to buy and wear it.

Mass democracy or 3.0 revolution? Ladys, that's more than a simple conversation.

Nancy Tarrasó

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