Meredith Vaughan, president at Vladimir Jones and collaborator at AdAge, has written an article where she claims: “We celebrate the external work that agencies produce when we should be equally celebratory about the internal work that gets us there, too. Or, the little things that lead to the big things”.

According to Meredith, people value external work, creative and amazing campaigns but many times they don’t realize the daily work that is behind. These little things will make that final work successful. Furthermore, she pointes out: “It’s time to focus the entire agency on celebrating everything that we do and create agency teams that are equally passionate about a great creative idea as they are about the everyday, functional business actions that (when done with passion) can lead to amazing creative output.”

Meredith claims: “I feel like the more we recognize that everybody at the agency has a role, a value proposition and ownership of the big things that are externally celebrated, the more that big things will start to happen. Perhaps if we, as an industry, do a better job of also celebrating the little things internally at each of our agencies we will all have more to celebrate collectively as well.”

It’s neccesary recognize each role in the internal work of the agency so as to achieve that little things turn into breathtakingly work.

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