Wonders is a footwear brand that premieres positioning summarized in the claim “Made with Love in Spain”, which claims the national origin of your product and its implications for quality. Because according to the company, “the Spanish sell.”

Imaginarte agency is the responsible of this approach and of the campaign that accompanies it. Different original graphics are present in the Fashion Book of the fashion magazine Elle, in Glamour (Italy), the Neo 2 magazine and Vanity trends and the sector’s Global Fashion Footwear Export.

Additionally, the brand launched in February a competition entitled “Model for a Day” which was launched in the website of Wonders and the casting was made in Valencia city.

Now the agency Imaginarte has created another action as part of the campaign for Spring-Summer of the firm where its highlights the Spanish origin with an online competition of tortillas of potato on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Created under the premise that most people believe that her mother’s tortilla is the best in the World.

To participate you must enter in the competitions section of the website of Wonders and send a mail with the photo of the tortilla along with the personal data and a brief text that argues why it is the best in the world. The next will be held May 10 which will draw the winner, she get a leather bag collection for spring / summer.

For the dissemination of the competition, the agency is using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti, portals and portals female communication.



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