How many times the men give us gifts that we don’t like it? Because of this, the jewelry brand, JCPenney, last year launched “Beware of the Doghouse” campaign, which we talk in our blog (link) Do you remember? The video was viewed nearly a million times on YouTube and generated nearly 500 comments. Besides, the integration of the campaign in applications such as Facebook, led the campaign to the top.

After the success achieved,this year it has launched “Return to the Doghouse” campaign, also made by Saatchi & Saatchi New York.

The premise of the campaign, like the previous campaign, is that men who give their wives thoughtless gifts are banished to the dog house, a prison-like underground facility where inmates fold laundry. Therefore, it treat with humor the consequences that the men experienced for buying a wrong gift. And it teaches them what they should and shouldn’t give away. Of course, the jewels are the perfect gift.

The Web site campaign is very creative and has a high production value, it’s is simple, direct and with irreverent humor. Site visitors can watch the video, put someone in the dog house, see who is in the dog house, and learn how to get out of the dog house. It also allows women hang up written statements and photographs, videos and testimony as evidence of bad gifts given by men. All presentations can be viewed on the website throughout the season.

An interactive and entertaining way for women, they can encourage the purchase of jewelry for Valentine’s Day among the men, a gift that they sure get success.

In addition, JCPenney has used Facebook to diffuse the campaign, as it did with the previous one. The users of this network can email someone a warning that they are in danger of being put in the dog house, or they can put someone into the dog house. They can link into their Facebook account to find friends. Once the user account is linked can start broadcasting by the network, so many people begin to share the link, so get people to participate in the web site.


Client: JCPenney
Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Nueva York
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Stephen Pearson
Executive Creative Director: ferry Graf
Creative Director: Josh Rubin, James Cooper
Art Director: Jason Musante

The only woman in the team to “Beware of the doghouse” – the creative director Amie Valentine – is not in the creative team of the second commercial for JC Penney: Do you think this is reflected in the creativity?


puma-futbol-amor-150x150And if you have not noticed, Valentine’s Day this year falls on Sunday, a special day for football fans so this can bring problems for couples. But take it easy, this year the brand Puma has thought them to avoid this problem. It has launched the “Love = Soccer” campaign with occasion of this day.

The campaign includes online marketing action, called “The Hardchorus” that it consists of two congratulations hanging in the microsite, where we see a group of fans that are singing the chorus to their women, with the same passion when singing for their teams.

In the first congratulations England fans are singing “Truly, Madly, Deeply” of Savage Garden Australian group, and the second congratulations the Italian fans sing “Ti Amo” by Umberto Tosi.

Therefore, all those football fans with hearts divided, can send their personalized congratulations of Saint Valentine, with the possibility of sending to e-mail or put it in the wall of Facebook of the beloved person.

You can see here the two congratulations:


We can see that the two campaigns “Return to the doghouse” and “The Hardchorus” have used the social network Facebook, and it’s because the brands are using the network like a strategic tool to be known. New forms are emerging to promote a brand online.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!


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