“40% of Jeep’s consumers are women”


Global Hue (Michigan) was the creative agency of Jeep’s new campaign in the U.S.A “I Live. I Ride. I am. Jeep”.


They seized the Thanksgiving Day to launch the campaign in New York, specifically Times Square, the subway and various stations throughout the city.


They used a variety of creative elements such as stairs wrapped in floor graphics, banners and videos of 30 seconds that they projected in digital billboards for 6 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock in the morning on 27 November.



It’s been a great opportunity to launch its new concept unique spirit of freedom and adventure to a hearing broad and diverse, because millions of people come to New York to celebrate one of the most famous traditions of the U.S.A.

As we said, Jeep has changed its image with a new concept to reestablish itself as one of the most recognized brands in the world. This campaign seeks to convey a new look, feel and attitude, and invite to living the life emotions driving the Jeep.

Global Hue has created three television commercials: “Reality”, “Clocks” and “It’s only hair”. The first shows the empty rooms with the television on, showing of subtle ways the lives of Jeep owners, that they don’t engage to see the adventure but they live it “Knowing reality is not captured by a hidden camera. It does not come in episodes either. You see, I do not live to live through anyone … ever. So while everyone waits to see the ‘next best’ this or ‘unbelievable’ that, here’s the reality: there is no rerun, when you are living in the now. So while you tune in, I’ll be somewhere getting out”.


The second “Clocks” is a study of clocks in various areas, both indoors and outdoors, the voiceover says “Knowing that every day I have a choice to make, between watching the clock, and occasionally my back, or I can greedily, ticking rightfully seize every moment and never give one of them back. ”


The third ad, “It’s only hair”, which was launched on 30 November, it’s aimed to women because they are around the 40% of Jeep buyers, something meaningful. This spot shows several women in the hairdressers and a voice saying: “Even after waiting a month to get an appointment and spending two hours in the chair, only the open-air freedom of the 2010 Jeep Wrangler can make vanity fly right out of the window.”

Women appear entering in their Wranglers and experiencing the freedom for open-air driving and with her hair in the wind. The ad closes with “I live. I drive. I am.” Jeep. ” Is it a good concept “live without concerns” to reach women?

The Global Hue creators of this campaign are:

ECD: Desmond Hall
GCD: Vida Cornelious
AD/CW: Vida Cornelious
Exec Producer: Cathy Antoniello
Sr. Producer: William Riley
Director: Jeffery Plansker /Suppy and Demand
Editor: Terry King/Griot
Colorist: Mike Masur/Filmworkers Club
Music: Victor Lavender/Sophistacado Recordings

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