September the 24th is the date.

Another TEDxMadrid edition is going to be celebrated, this year at El Matadero. For those who don’t know what TED is, you can have a look here.

The talk I show you here, which is worth watching (for sure lots of you already know it) resulted in a great impact because of its revolutionary ideas about the current educative model.

You can watch it here Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity.

I would like to talk about the creativity issue in an advertising agency. As I understand it, and luckily I work in an agency that understands it in the same way, creativity is not something limited to the work of creative directors, copywriters and art directors. Every single person that takes part in the process tries to contribute with their own creativity to enrich our work with it.

Related to the account department, the same thing applies. We like to participate, as far as possible, in the creative process. And, how do we do that? It’s only a question of initiative contribution, and expressing our point of view of the work in progress. In the account department, we receive the briefing and talk to our client, we know their needs and worries , we know him by heart.  If we share this knowledge, the creative work that comes next and involves creativity and art departments will always be benefited.

That comes to support an idea that I consider necessary to spread: the critical importance of the inicial collaborative authorship of the briefing by the account department and the client.

I can see now, with my little nephews and nices, that fortunately schools nowadays tend to promote the creative side of children, so important  to develop themselves as completed future persons, as Ken Robinson so well says. Children from my generation (80’s) weren’t so lucky, but every one of us can develop our creative side in our lives. Accomplish that it’s a question of assigning due priority to this essential necessity of creation.


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