The campaign made by the creative director Garry Lace, of Beta agency, has generated much controversy in England, especially between the women.

The objective of Garry Lace was to show the power of outdoor advertising as an alternative to digital advertising.

“Career women make bad mothers,” a title that addresses an issue that is booming in our society and that for many women is a daily struggle, the conciliation of the working life with the family life.

Beta agency has sent a message of apology:


“Robert and I would like to apologise to anyone we’ve offended with one of the posters we created for the OAA.

The reason we’ve waited until now to apologise is that the strength and nature of the reaction to the poster, specifically on Mumsnet, shocked us. At first we were not sure what to do.

It had not been our intention to cause such offence, nor to attract such abuse.

Our intention was to provoke discussion. We believed that both the poster and the content of the Britainthinks website reflected this. We accept we got this wrong.

It has been suggested that we are about to commence legal proceedings against mumsnet. This is categorically not the case.

We have asked that they operate within their own editorial guidelines which they now are doing.

We are profoundly sorry. We hope our apology is accepted.

Garry and Robert.”

Advertising approaches like this make us question the “everything worth ” in advertising for attract attention.


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