The agency Mullen, in Boston, has been the creator of the new campaign, online business of shoes and clothing. This campaign launched on 18 March. Its purpose is to emphasize the good customer service that it’s characteristic in Zappos and it’s very important when making Internet sales.

The campaign uses traditional media: television commercials and print graphics. It also uses interactive media: videos and ads on Web sites and social media like Facebook and YouTube. Also it will appear in unexpected places and in plastic trays in the security checks of the airport, as a nod to its origins as a shoe retailer.

It’s about the interaction between employees and customers during telephone calls. These are represented by puppets called ‘Zappets’ and they were built by Randy Carfagno and designed by Lizzi Akana and Aaron Duffy. Some ads use recordings of actual customer calls to employees.

Historically, Zappos has not focused on customer service, but only on word of mouth.

Their target are the women, so this campaign is an original way of connecting with them. We love it, therefore we leave here the spot and the video of how they made the campaign for you to enjoy. is not the only that combines the scenarios work and puppetry. This week Coca Cola Light has made an international campaign for women addicted to fashion or ‘fashion victims’, entitled ‘Love It Light’. It celebrate the fun, fashion and fabulous. And it encourages consumers to celebrate the lightest of life. The campaign has been created by Mothers London and has been released in Britain. It plans to expand throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This will be supported by the page ‘Diet Coke’ has on Facebook.

203w_719_coke-fashion-canThe TV ad, entitled ‘Maniac’, features three friends, Eleanor, Bernadette and Irene, who work together in a fashion magazine. The ad starts when the director drops a loto f work on the desk of Eleanor. She begins to sigh and her trusted friends know that it’s time to enjoy a diet of Coca Cola. For this they throw a coin into the vending machine that lights up like a jukebox. Begins to play the song of ‘Start Maniac’ and they start dancing with all the people who work in the office.

It is a campaign that encourages us, tells us that with the problems in life we must put a cheerful attitude and spontaneous, and not take things too seriously.

Something interesting and fun to the campaign are the cans of leopard. In the can appears a promotion exclusively for the UK, where sets were drawn every 30 minutes, discounts on purchases and a colection to be named as the new campaign, ‘Love it Light’, along with the magazines Heat, Grazia and Closer, and the online store,.

Coca Cola is always surprising us with their advertising, you don’t miss the ad of the new campaign titled ‘Maniac’.


Zappos’s campaings

Agency: Mullen, Boston
Client: Zappos
Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Creative Director Group: Jaime Ferreira
Creative Director Group: Stephen Mietelski
Senior Art Director: Jesse Blatz
Copywritter Senior: Greg Almeida

Coke Light’s campaigns

Agency: Mother, Londres
Client: Coca Cola
Creative: Susan Hosking, Meter Robertson
Director: Tractor
Production: Partizan London
Production: David Stewart
Director of Photografic: Stephen Blackman
Post Production: MPC
Editor: Rick Rusell

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