logo1A briefcase is an essential tool for any executive. It can also be one of the most important characteristics of any executive woman. Ellen Hart knows it and she designs (for CareerBags.com) briefcases for women who, like her, dedicate a plenty of time to their job.

Maybe that's the reason why she knows perfectly how executive women are. She has found the way to get along with them: an emotional connection.

What does the campaign consist of?


Ellen Hart asks women to share with her the 10 best business moments. Depending on the result, she recommends them a bag which suits them the best. The most interesting career-story will be granted with a free briefcase.


CareerBags.com offers discounts and free gifts, but the most important is that the company speaks with women. CareerBags.com initiates a dialogue between the company and its clients. You tell me your story, I advise you. Ellen Hart restores the basic relation between two women: I listen to you, I understand you and put myself in your place.


They do not only sell you a bag, a briefcase for your daily life, but YOUR briefcase, the one that best fits your needs and best reflects your personality and experience. It is only yours and you know that a person who carries a bag like yours is someone very similar to you. It's not you who chooses a briefcase, but it's the briefcase that chooses you. That is why the relation is stronger than when ordering from catalogue.


This way, the client spends more time searching the web and thinking of the brand, so the company gets a long-term relation which could be broken only in case of a bad experience.

Resource: Marketing to Women Online.

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