AdWomen and ihaveanidea are opening the new year by joining forces to showcase and celebrate women in the advertising industry, specifically female creative directors. To kick this initiative off,  we’ve selected a group of some of the greatest CDs around today under the name “World’s Most Influential Female Creative Directors

“If the great advance of the 20th century was the inclusion of women as equals in society, then an even greater advance in the 21st century will be the incorporation of women’s thinking.”

Female creative directors have been responsible for some of the most dynamic creative work the industry has to offer, yet make up only 3% of all creative directors. ihaveanidea and AdWomen want to help close this gap; and believe this can be achieved by recognizing these women for their brilliant campaigns, sensitivity and empathy in a predominantly male industry.

We’ve selected a group of  female directors that we believe fit these qualities. Some are world renowned with many accolades attached to their names, while others toil in relative obscurity, but all are great advertising professionals whose achievements we wish to recognize.

Each day we will introduce one of these selected women in our blogs, accompanied by a brief biography and some of their work.

We will also be present in social media through a Facebook page, where you will find interesting facts about these creative directors. Also in twitter with #WFCD hashtag by which you can find the latest news. All participants will be included in a raffle. And finally to find and share conflicting opinions and controversy, we will open discussions onWorld’s Most Influential Female Creative Director’s Linkedin group.


AdWomen is a space to discuss, understand and promote the work of the female creatives. In AdWomen you can meet the world’s leading creatives, their work and their views about the role we play within the advertising industry.


ihaveanidea is “the community of the international advertising industry,” one of the oldest and longest running websites dedicated to advertising. Founded in 2001 by Ignacio Oreamuno, ihaveanidea was initially conceived as an online resource for people within the advertising industry to share their knowledge and experiences, with the belief that such an exchange could benefit all within the industry. Over the years, ihaveanidea has grown in scale and scope, and has formed a significant offline presence as well, most notably “Pick Me”, a bestselling book based on ihaveanidea’s popular “Ask Jancy” column, and Portfolio Night, an annual globe-spanning event where thousands of esteemed creative directors and aspiring creatives meet for advice, mentorship, recruitment and camaraderie.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, ihaveanidea maintains an “informal but informed” tone that has made it a favorite of like-minded decision makers and an essential “go-to” for young people just beginning their advertising careers.


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