During our visit to El Sol, we had the opportunity to talk with women from different sectors of the industry. They shared with us their point of view at women in advertising and the campaigns they like the most.


Mar Abad, Brandlife:

An advertising campaign aimed at women you like the most
I like Dove, because this campaign goes against the stereotypes of beauty. I think it is brave and interesting.

Do women contribute in advertising with new values?
Yes, as in everything in life. We complete; women contribute something in everything we do: advertising, law, medicine, yes.

How many women work with you?
There are more women than men.


Karen Tejedor, Toolkit:

An advertising campaign aimed at women you like the most
One campaign that attracted my attention was the spot against domestic violence, starred by Keira Knightley. It is not aimed only at women, but gives them a special attention.

And the campaign you dislike the most?
Some Axe spots annoy me, but I can understand that they are not aimed at women.

Do women contribute with different values in advertising?
Yes, of course. Women have a different vision of the world. A spot created by women is not the same that one created by men. It is totally different.

How many women work with you?
The most part of the staff are women.


Mar Bermúdez y Elena Robles, profesoras:

An advertising campaign aimed at women you like the most
Elena: The last campaign of Flex.
Mar: Yes, I like this campaign

Can you guess if it was created by women or men?
Mar: I know it was created by a man

Do women contribute different values in advertising?
Elena: The problem is when creating a campaign for women, a men imagines a topic and maybe woman would not use this topic because we know best what we like and what we don't. But after all, surveys are done to learn the target better. Only in few cases you can recognize if the campaign was created by women.
Mar: I don't think that a special sensitivity is needed to create campaigns aimed at women, but very talented women full of creativity. But it is very difficult to find out women in these jobs. This is the problem. Flex campaign was created by men and is full of ¨female¨sensitivity. Would have a woman done better? Maybe, but maybe not. Anyway, there are women who could be creating fantastic campaigns, but it is very difficult to get there.

What is the campaign you dislike the most?
Mar: There are a lot of them… some days ago I saw a Media Markt campaign saying "we have the best front line" and presenting two girls in bikini. It's simply vulgar…
Elena: But after all, it's not only about women. It's wrong if a campaign results offensive in general, no matter whom is it aimed at. We should be more considered about that, but well…

Apart from that, we got an answer from women who formed the jury of El Sol this year. The questionnaire that they have answered will be published the following days, so stay tuned.

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