Cute, naive, happy and very feminine women convert shaving into an entertaining and joyful activity.

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Agency: JWT New York

Production Company: The Directors Bureau

Director: Mike Maguire

Executive Creative Director: Sarah Barclay

Creative Director: Lisa Topol

Art Director: Megan Penmann

Copywriter: Margie Chidley


Maybe the most surprising thing about this add is its authors.

Sarah, Lisa, Megan and Margie: they are definitely not men and they know perfectly what shaving is about, and they are not crazy. They know that what they are selling is not a whim but a nuisance for every woman. We do not sing or jump while shaving. However, the creative team compares it with mowing the lawn!

These women created a new way of advertising the shaving products. Nothing about beautiful legs, no lakes, no fake promises, no boyfriend arriving early… Instead, the spot transmits the satisfaction of shaving with Gillette products.

But, is it indeed a satisfaction what they sell or do they make fun of shaving?


As we could notice with Tampax's campaign, a new tendency is being born. The taboos about period and shaving are disappearing. Presently, one can speak about these topics without embarrassment.

These two brands understood the tendency and began to change their communication strategies.

Just in time, as the market was waiting for such a switch for a long time.

In the Tampax's campaign the grotesque is clear, but this Gillette spot…can't it be ridiculous?

Resource: Adhunt.

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