Under the slogan “Women decide” www.ellasdeciden.com and marketing, communication and branding designed by and for women as main theme, the Business and Advertising Association of Cataluña will call a meeting of the most prestigious experts in the industry to know the keys that really can have influence on the most influential target today: women.

With an expenditure amounting to over 8,000 million euros per year, women make 70% of purchases worldwide. This emerges from a study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in which took part more than 12,000 women from 22 countries during 2008.


Since its inception, Adwomen is becoming clear the increasingly active role that women play as creators and consumers. On November 24 Gemma Cernuda, Director of Rethink-Her will hold a presentation in Bilbao and she will explain in detail the keys to this appointment with advertising and women. According to Gemma, “Today, 90% of advertising doesn’t connect well with women, so it is essential to restructure the strategies to be present in her mental map of purchasing decisions, become her favourite brand and make her a fan. Do not forget that a woman recommended 27 times a product that she likes”.

Participating as speakers Marti Barletta, an international expert in “Marketing to Women”; Alfons Cornellá, President of Infonomia; Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts, publicity and research, author of “Her Pretty Little Head” and founders of “Pretty Little Head” in the United Kingdom; Alberto Pierpaoli, CEO of The Gender Group in Argentina; the french consultant Avivah Witenberg-Cox and Caroline Foster Kenny, Mediaedge: cia Global Chief Client Officer in the UK.

Do creative women connect better with women consuming? This will be the question that AdWomen, within reach of creator and editor Jesús Alonso, will launch as a guest speaker to the audience in the international forum “Rethink-Her” www.rethinkher.com, to be held on 4 March 2010 in Barcelona.



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