Women love chocolate, chocolate loves advertising and advertising loves women. It is a chain like all chains of love.

Why women love chocolates?
Because we love feelings and chocolate brings sensations, be it white, dark, milk chocolate, in a box, with a card and the best for me, in brownie shapes. I know only a few girls that don’t like chocolate and I am guessing 97% of women do. My friends at university used to go for a melted brownie with ice cream when one of us was feeling sad, it was an incredible cure for everything. Grannies are used to make hot chocolate for their grandsons to make them feel at home. Women receive chocolates at many occasions, from Halloween to Valentine and Mothers’ day; it is always going to be OK to give chocolates. Moreover, I am not sure how many endorphins chocolate releases to our brains, or about the curative powers that Aztecs attribute to it but one thing is for sure, it makes you feel good!

Chocolate loves advertising?
Gorilla ad for Cadbury won the Film Grand Prix Lion at Cannes Lions 2008 and dozens of awards at similar festivals. Gorilla was viewed over 500,000 times in the first week. As of November 2007, it has been viewed over six million times across a large number of video sharing platforms. Facebook groups appreciating the ad have been set up with one named “We love the Cadbury’s drumming gorilla”. A number of spoofs and parodies were quickly uploaded by amateurs with the tacit approval of Cadbury. I could keep going with Kit Kat, Snickers, Flakes and so on. So, yes, I think chocolate does love advertising.

Advertising loves women?
Yes, there are many ads out there telling women stories about love. It is not enough with all the blast of cheesy films that come every year. Hugh Grant got tired of doing them and now we have Ryan Reynolds and my new favourite Jim Sturgess in One Day.

Focusing on advertising, I recently have been watching the TV ads for Match.com – which I personally like; simple story and right music. The dating website has launched an advertising campaign with the creative communications agency Mother. This is a classic tale of “boy meets girl” to remind us all what it feels like to meet someone you’re attracted to for the first time.

Accidental duet – Match.com

Train Station – Match.com

Yeah, yeah, in real world doesn’t happen. Although, your friends keep sharing lots of love stories, your parents have their own, you know at least one true romantic one, you read a good one, you are living one right now or you are waiting for it to happen. Everyone has had a love, everyone has kissed, everyone has met someone but there is always a different story.

Women, chocolate and advertising, are they corresponding each other? Let’s see.

Martha Tolosa


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