Despite the fact that cars are not men only-area any longer, marketers keep ignoring women at car dealers and they turn to men. That may be the reason why 77% of women prefer to go to a dealer accompanied by a man, in spite of being perfectly capable to do it alone.

The following are a couple of advices for car brands which are targeting women:

  1. Women buy from a person who they trust, so it's especially important to create a good relationship between salesman and a client.
  2. She is the one who is going to make a decision: buy or not to buy, so make her feels as a client. Concentrate on communicating to her, and not to her men.
  3. 54% of women in USA base their purchase decision on information found out in the Internet. 40% of European women do the same. Think of women at the time of developing your website.
  4. Women like to share experiences. If they have a good experience, they will tell it to their friends. If they don't or if they have a negative one… they will do the same.
  5. What kind of cars do women like?

    According to some European reports, as an investigation by AutoScout24's, women pay attention to design, security and price and they prefer cars with five doors, so they can park and move easily in the city jungle.

    Spot Nissan

    A report by LineaDirecta points out the importance of having a CD player, cup holders and a space to leave things as a handbag.

    Only for women


    Volvo has been the first, and the only one until now, to create a prototype of a car designed especially for women, by a group of 5 women. After 15 months of an intensive work and opinions given by company's specialists and employees, Volvo launched the prototype during the International Motor Show of Ginebra in 2004.

    This model allows women to forget about car's maintenance. The car itself lets the driver know that it needs checking. What shall I do with my bag? This won't be a problem no more, because Volvo YCC has a separate space for the woman's bag reserved between the front seats. You can also find handy pigeon-holes saved for keys, coins or a mobile phone. Moreover it is very easy to park because it calculates the space left and helps the driver to move the steering wheel.VolvoYCC - interior

    Although the prototype was a success, the Swedish brand declared that YCC was a concept car and was never planned to be on sale. However, some of the features have been put  into production in other Volvo models.

    Examples of strategies to women

    Other car producers, that use to identify their brands with men, adapted their strategies to women.


    In Argentina, this brand organized a special activity thought to improve drivers' technique and motorcycles' knowledge and skills.

    Moreover, Honda sponsors different women's competitions, as Surfing or Trial.


    In 2008 this brand included in the communication strategy a promotion for women: they offered prizes as beauty products, spa visits and discounts. According to Daniel Papa, Bussiness Development Manager, the brand wants that women feel comfortable when visiting dealer canters.


    Ford approaches women by sponsoring Nike 5K Women Race, a competition dedicated to women and aimed to celebrate the International Women' Day.

    Women's economic independence means the incorporation of women into sectors considered as masculine. The automotive sector is one of them, and now it has to develop new strategies directed to women.


    In China, Volkswagen is one of the sponsors of Table-Tennis Women Championship. This sport has been strategically chosen, as the vast majority of Chinese society and mass media follow it.

    Also in the Internet

    In the Internet we can find webs directed exclusively to women and dedicated to cars, car maintenance… Here and here are some examples:

    And what do you think?

    Women can't park, "it had to be a woman"… Fortunately the situation is changing, and we are gaining the control of the roads. We do not only occupy the co-driver's seat or choose the colour of our man's car, but we buy and drive cars. Don't forget it! Dealers and repair shops can't keep on smelling of masculinity, and marketing strategists must begin to think of women as a real target.

    Men's kingdom is falling apart!

    What kind of car are you looking for? Would you buy the Volvo YCC? What would you like car dealers to offer you?


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