Interactive forums, blogs, online communities… Every time the consumers look for more interaction with brands, which have begun to give consumers the opportunity to participate in new, online and offline platforms.

We can find lots of opinions and suggestions in the supports of any brand. A plain message is not enough. It seems necessary to let consumers share their impressions and reactions.

It's even more relevant, when it comes to the communication with women, as they appreciate more than men the aptitude for listening and the willingness to get involved into social causes.

Quicksilver is an example of how the communication with the female consumers may work.

For the occasion of launching the new line of clothes for women, Quicksilver started a new campaign: the brand is looking for brand ambassadors in every country of its presence. The campaign has two goals. On one hand, Quicksilver introduces the new line of products into the market and makes of its target main characters; on the other hand, the ambassadors' work will be promoted around the world by Quicksilver.

UK and USA already have their ambassadors. In Spain any woman can sing up until the 29th of May. The brand is looking for female artist coming from different backgrounds: music bands, singers, actresses, fashion designers, sport women, bloggers…

In the campaign's website, you can find the full list of candidates and vote for your favourite. Most voted candidates will be revealed on the 10th of June, and we will get to know the winner on the 24th of the same month. The site serves at the same time as a platform of promotion for the ambassadors who have won in the other countries.

In the next order, the brand has created its profiles in Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

The campaign results interesting, especially because it makes consumers spend some time interacting with the brand. Apart from that it seems to be engaged with the most creative women from every country.

It would be even better (considering the level of participation and integration of the target) if the users of the site could choose the winner by themselves.

Participate yes, but decide is too much?

Resource: The Orange Market.

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