Within last days, AdWomen has interviewed female advertising professionals of great renown in the industry. They are live example of the growing number of women succeeding in marketing.

What's the reason for this change? What's the difference between male and female marketing decision making process?


Brandweek and Copernicus answered these questions in the report "Women in Marketing: Succeeding… Naturally! (2006)

The report concludes that 80% of respondents agree that women are experiencing success in marketing departments. These are the two main reasons for this status quo:

  1. Women listen to consumers better and understand the importance of "emotional connections to brands".
  2. Women favour a "collaborative" approach; they desire to influence, but not to command.

Apart from these features and being described as sensitive and caring, women prefer to "guild consensus before making a decision". On the contrary, 86% of men states that makes autocratic decisions without input from others and they are being described as aggressive and assertive.

However, both women and men share one feature. They rely on their intuition and judgment, although they tend to use quantitative research studies at the time of taking marketing decisions.

Women's inclusion in the marketing management gives the opportunity to let some fresh air in and change the marketing decision making process.


Find the complete research here.


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