Some days ago I read a really interesting survey: “La mujer en el sector publicitario. Categorías, especializaciones y conflicto trabajo-familia en las agencias españolas” (¨Woman in the Advertising Industry. Categories, Specializations and Job-Home Conflict in Spanish Advertising Agencies¨), conducted by Grupo Investigador Comunicación y Sociedad del Conocimiento (The Communication and the Society of Knowledge Investigation Group) from the University of Alicante, under the supervision of Marta Martín Llaguno.

The survey was done in 2004 and 2005 with the participation of 36 biggest Spanish advertising agencies, members of Asociación Española de Agencias de Publicidad (The Spanish Advertising Agencies Association), that divide between themselves about 80% of Spanish advertising cake.

The survey was published by AEAP and it's available in Spanish on their web page.

It's fundamental for anyone who wants to understand the functioning of Spanish (and not only Spanish…) market.

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