Pantene made an announcement for Thailand is having a major impact on the Internet. It tells the story of a deaf mute girl who gets to learn to play the violin masterfully at the expense of effort and struggle for self-improvement. It passes from the frustration of a world that does not understand it until the release of its essence, thanks to someone who believes in them. It compares the history of the girl with the metamorphosis of a butterfly where we see the release of the butterfly that flies to the top.

This is an impressive and different spot than what we are accustomed to seeing. He appreciates that occasionally display ads, we can not lose hope in advertising. The spot conveys values through equality of opportunity, hope and energy. It teaches us that we should not be like others to shine. It also teaches us a new way to understand the music “Music is visible. Close your eyes and see. ” Even the choice of music is very appropriate, to the tune of Pachelbel we fully integrated into the story.

Pantene deserves applause for this very innovative and successful advertising, does not focus on the product, it focuses on something that goes beyond human dignity.

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