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Can you imagine Che Guevara, Charlie Chaplin, Gandhi or Albert Einstein like a women?

Why not? This is the concept of the interesting campaign of GI Delas in Brazil that it promote a website for women. It presents the women like a historical male characters, so it’s a campaign that doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

It’s poignant and hopeful for women, because more and more the women will be remarkable and renowned world  celebrities.

Why not?

Thanks to Lew’Lara/TBWA for this great work!

Creative Team

Advertising Agency: Lew’Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Creative Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, André Laurentino, Manir Fadel, Luciano Lincoln
Art Director: Bruno Cardoso
Copywriter: David Bessler
Art Buyers: Giuliano Springhetti, Daniela Picchiai
Photography: Ale Catan
Image treatment: Platinum
Graphics: Katia Bontempo, Marcos Pedra
Account Team: Marcio Oliveira, Ricardo Forli, Guilherme Bernardes, Pedro Mesquita
Media Team: Luiz Ritton, Fabio Walker, Débora Veloso
Planiners: Daniel de Tomazo, Tatiana Tsukamoto

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