This week we published the interview to the creative director Kate Davis and she told us that she likes U by Kotex as the campaign aimed to women of the year.

Kimberly-Clark, owner of the Kotex brand, has been a refreshing change with the campaign for this brand. It all started because the company looked itself hard and found that they had to change, change it advertising and it conversation with women.

The result was a new advertising campaign, designing new packaging, a website where women can get information and interact in a honest and open about their periods and vaginal health. The aim is to break the cycle of shame that surrounds this issue and dispel the many myths and misperceptions. JWT agency in New York was responsible for developing the campaign, with Sarah Barclay as Executive Creative Director.


When the users visit the website, are encouraged to sign a “Declaration of Real Talk” which is a vow to defy the norms of society that discourage women (and men) speaking about women’s health and body issues publicly.

For every person that signs, Kotex has said it will donate $1 to Girls for a Change, a non-profit organization from California that pair urban middle school and high school girls with professional women in order to help, nurture and encourage social change.

At first, television ads of the campaign were censored in U.S.A because saying the word ‘vagina’. Having the censure the company opted to replace the word for ‘down there’ and not liked neither, they had to omit any reference to can launch them.

Is a surprising, new and real campaign, it deserves a post in this blog. We would like to applaud to the company and Sarah Barclay and her team for this great work.

This is the first tampons campaign that is not ridiculous, but rather it laugh at the ridiculous ads created until the moment where women are running on the beach, dancing, jumping, wearing white pants …

It’s about time! This is that they think the women who see these two ads. We put the ads here to you can comment on them.

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