In 2008, Murviedro Winery (Valencia, Spain) did a survey among 1200 women and 80 restaurants. The result shown that 70% of women prefers a white wine. As the spokesperson said, "the white wine is fresher and women think it contains less alcohol".tacama

albamurviedroAnd that's how the winery manufactured a wine for women: Alba-a white wine of delicate, fruity and refreshing taste.

A year before, Robaliño Winery (Galicia, Spain) asked wine tasters to choose between two different wines.

95% of women chose Taranis wine (manufactured with three different types of grape), while most of men rather the other wine (100% albariño grape).

On May of this year, another Spanish winery (San Prudencio Winery) launched Envite Seducción. It is a white, fresh and fruity wine, especially for women.

Besides, the winery took into account the women' opinion at the time of deciding about the brand image.

Peru also has its own white wine for women: Tacama.

However, in the second edition of the Wine and Women Awards, red wines were the most voted.


And it's a common knowledge among sommeliers that the taste doesn't depend on sex but on the skills. The great wine will remain a great wine, after all.

Murviedro's survey also reveals that in 80% of cases, it's man who chooses the wine. The polled women claimed that men know more about wine.

Among the non-expert women, the white wine is the most popular one, and wineries become more skilful in making use of this data in their commercial strategies.


In America

Not only Spain but America has its own wines for women as well. Working Girl and Mad Housewife manufacture and sell in USA the range of white, red and rose wines.workinggirl


Women's club

The women themselves decided to deepen the word of wines and have established the private women-only club Beauty & Wine, based in Madrid.

beauty-wineAs we said before, the level of knowledge is what decides about preferred type of wine and not the gender. However, we shouldn't forget that the increase of the wine consumption among women is led by amateur preferences.


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