Today we suggest you an easy game.

We have hidden the name of this brand: the logo and the slogan, in the following ad. The image is exactly the same as the original advert; we didn’t make any further changes.

Take a moment, and try to deduce what the advertised product is.



A sexy woman, long hair, great bosom…

Let’s make it easier.

One of the following options is the correct one:

What announcing this graph? / ¿Qué anuncia esta gráfica?

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And the Oscar goes to…


“Pantene with pro-vitamins”

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil

Incredible but true. This ad is about shampoo. However, vitamins seem to be not for hair but breast.

I suppose that the message of the ad is that if you feel good with your hair, you feel more beautiful…in every centimetre of your body.

When creativity does not flow, the easiest way of making an advert is to take a photo of a sex bomb… and that’s it!

I bet that you thought it was a Push-Up, didn’t you?


Resource: Adsneeze.

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