Advertising Agency: Firedrill Productions
Creative Director: Kristina Duncan
Creative Supervisor: Rosina Weitekamp
Broadcast Producer: Chantal Houle
Director: Peyton Wilson
DP: Nicole Whitaker
Executive Producer: Loretta Jeneski, Michael Degan
Mattel/Barbie Marketing: Stephanie Cota
Aired: October 2010

Doctor, teacher, mother, princess. The doll of the thousand faces returned kicking to the U.S. with a campaign more emotional and less stereotypical. Barbie doll is no longer the legs long dreamed of Ken. Now is an independent woman who fights for her dreams. A woman like you, like me, like all of us. Or at least that’s what intendes.

And you, do you identify with the new face of Barbie?
Ainhoa Navaridas

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