Yahoo has launched in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain Yahoo! Trends, a channel that covers the latest in fashion and beauty content, health, family and personal, and publish content from some of the most important publishing groups internationally as Condenet, Hachette and Doctíssimo, along with the editorial team of Yahoo! to create their own stories and daily choose the best posts from the blogs of its employees. The users may comment on news and share information.

Yahoo has decided to present its trend channel after asking what women want. It did a study among 30,000 women from across Europe, to know which makes use of the Internet, what they want and what is most satisfying.

Most surveyed said they were seeking information on the Web about things that concern you, such as labor, the cost of living, weight, or relationships.

What are the interests to the spanish women?

Yahoo has also been deepening in a women as a target audience and the influence that the Internet has on them when making purchasing decisions. For example, 36% of those surveyed said they want to interact with their favorite brands on the Internet, primarily in an attractive and dynamic.

More conclusions about study:

– 65% of women with access to internet connect everyday. 21% do so through your blackberry or Iphone on a regular basis and 74% have wifi connection at home.

– Most are so busy attending to their family, work or home who see the Internet as their primary means of contact with the world.

– Over 61% of Spanish Internet users visit online sites to learn about the latest trends and 40% constantly are looking for new websites with content of lifestyle.

– The vast majority of women used internet at night, when they have a little more time for them… and the 30% of women use internet while they are watching TV.

– Even for women, internet is their source of advice, entertainment and communication with their environment.

– For 40% of women with children, internet helps them save time in everything they do.

We put here an article about the study entitled ‘Women Connectonomics Study”. You can found more conclusions about what do women need online.

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