It is easy to get distracted from writing with all the riots that have been happening in and around London.

You end up with a bad feeling when you watch the news. You feel sorry for others, you feel bad for trying to change the channel to avoid the news. It’s not at all nice discovering all this anarchy across the city. But in this position you are a spectator – that means you are safe.


I can tell you it is a different feeling when you are not the spectator. I live in Clapham Junction and spent my Monday night listening to helicopters circling above my flat. I felt I was there, where the problem was. I was kind of like the little people on the streets that cameras were filming. All the anger was only 3 blocks away and I was scared.

Fortunately that night is gone. Yesterday morning I started thinking…what are these people fighting for? Is it for a pair of jeans or to loot a mobile phone? No. Why has a Baby Shop been completely looted? Parents are not that desperate for bibs. It is a fight without cause.

Pic Twitter via @Lawcol888

So last night I didn’t spend my time looking at videos of ‘hoodies’ or counting if there are more than 16,000 police officers in the streets. Yesterday I saw hundreds of people armed with brooms, bin bags and rubber gloves to help clean up the streets and help local shopkeepers. That’s inspiring, so I got my laptop and started writing.

You may be thinking this article has nothing to do with advertising and it is true. It is about solidarity.

Where’s your broom?

Martha Tolosa

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