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This belgian campaign, called “Reborn to be alive”, promotes organ donation. Its slogan is “Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her.”

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels
Executive Creative Director: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
Creative Director: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
Art Director: Katrien Bottez
Copywriter: Peter Ampe

31 Responses

  1. I have to say that it has absolutely disgust me, I mean I am totally speechless.
    Firstly becuase it is about donning organs so what would it be even the point in making such an obviously sexist campaign, secondly becuase the slogan of being a donnor is the only way you might have to get “inside her” is incredibly vulgar, and thirdly and MOST importantly I cannot believe there is a woman directing this campaign.

    It shows, we feminists still got a lot of work to do.

    Alicia Gomez Campos, 28 yo.

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for leaving your comment. But I would like to clear out one point; AdWomen is an initiative where to know, debate and promote the work of ladies working professionally in the industry and the campaings that target women. We touch womens issues from a positive outlook. The main point is not to exclude men but to include both sex equally in the creativity of ads.

      Hope you understand our mission 😉


    2. Alicia, I agree with you! The slogan is absolutely vulgar and makes of this ad a sexistic one. Why are always women object of such ads? I have never seen an sexistic ad with men!
      One more thing: I didn´t understand the sentence “We touch womens issues from a positive outlook.” from the response – this whole ad has nothing to do with womens issues and positive outlook. It makes me sad watching it.

    3. I’m pretty sure your silly feminist views would be alot quieter if, as a result of this add, you had a life saving organ donation.

    4. @Marketa: you have to be kidding when you say “I have never seen an sexistic ad with men!” . Either that or you are blind. Maybe marketeers don’t use the strong and direct way you see in this ad, but there are so many subtle ways to degrade man and all are used everywhere. Look specially about products related to women that men participate in. They always appear as the dumb one that the woman has to give a lesson or two.

      I’ll give you an example that is not even so subtle. In this add the main line says “congratulations boys, finally you are able to do two things simultaneously”, showing the dumbest and dirtiest of man apparently as a representation of “all boys”


      Now you might think this is funny while the donor one is offensive. Well, my view is just the opposite. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t the only one since the ad of this coffee brand was quickly removed from TV based on the feedback.

  2. Another sickening, misogynist statement in the guise of a charitable advertisement. First the PETA ads, now this. I am now far less likely to donate an organ…

    1. Seriously? You are less likely to donate your organs because you disagree with their advertising? What an awful and selfish person you are.

  3. Well, the white heterosexual male is the default state for all humanity, so that’s who we’ll aim this at! Yay!


  4. This ad is supposed to make you giggle, not PMS!!!

    Makes me think humor is completely lost on some people.

  5. Even as a heterosexual man, I find this embarrassingly heinous. How many people had the job of looking this over, thinking extensively and confirming, “yes, we are proud of this ad”?

  6. Well, I have to say that this ad is really very amusing. I laughed when I got to the punch line. And yes, it is a PUNCH LINE. That’s because it’s a JOKE. It’s not true that all feminists lack a sense of humor; some of us can tell when something is not to be taken seriously. Lighten up, little sister – everything is not a war.

    After over 30 years of being a feminist, I have no problem with this ad.

    Sparrow, 50 yo

  7. Alicia Gomez Campos: “It shows, we feminists still got a lot of work to do.”

    Yeah. Who cares about Bangladeshi acid attacks? This is what really counts.

  8. So, is this only targeting men and homosexual women? Because I have zero interest in “getting inside her”.

    Gosh, they are trying hard to be provocative. I don’t think this will be good enough for an advertising award though. Not very creative, is it?

  9. I think its a very smart campaign . Do wish feminists would not go to default setting and be morally outraged by any image with a women showing skin . If it had been a man you would all be giggling . It’s a bold campaign which hopefully will get more donors .

  10. I’m offended that it’s a bad ad, not so much that it’s vulgar. It’s actually stupid. The only thing going for it IS it’s shock value.

  11. I pity the fool who would decide not to donate an organ because they were offended by this ad. I give it three thumbs up for accessing a difficult to reach audience.

    Mum, 33.

  12. Could this double up as an anti-smoking campaign?

    “Smoking means your lungs aren’t suitable as donors so you’ll never get inside her.”

  13. Get in the kitchen, and get me a liver & bacon sandwich, nauw.


    (The only thing this advert shows is that *some* female talent is a) trying too hard and b) not very talented – why not add the tag line “Only Rohypnol will get you inside her” – same message, sells a product, and shares the same view that women are there to have cum dumped inside their insides if the outside passes the visual test).

    Hmmm… sweet, sweeeet candy.

    But yeah. Sandwich, now.

  14. Wait, can someone XY donate an organ to someone who’s XX? I suspect that a cisgender (sp?) man would be unlikely to be a match. Which is funnier than the intentional joke.

  15. I had proudly an organ donor card before seeing this ad. But since, I’ve throw it.
    This ad remains me sadly that is the real world, and that are women.

    I always dreamed to find the right love, near a nice woman. But I always be too something; too big, too small, too nice, too fat, too gentle.
    Women prefer to be f**ed by old rich trashes or some famous people rather than by standard, but nice men.

    This ad is so sad, because so true.
    My best years are gone; and with them, all my illusions.
    I prefer to be buried, or nor better be incinerated with all my organs, instead to take the risk to give them to such a woman like in this ad

  16. Jeez, calm down everyone. This is a God damn campaign to get peoples attention and raise awareness for a cause that no many people sign up for that will save lives.

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