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But, what can happen if she doesn't take care?


She will surely fall down. Women are simply too stupid to deal with a nice car…


This must precisely be what the heads of AWtech (a Swedish brand) think. They have created this add in cooperation with McCann and it was published in consecutive pages of Sweden magazines.

The aim was to promote their premium programs providing the highest level of shine and depth of gloss to automotive finishes. And what can be more spellbinding than a typical "play girl" on a car's bonnet?

It's clear that the creative director is a man. According to him, the slogan, "Extreme finish for your car" can correspond only to one image: a sexy, silly and clumsy woman on a bonnet.

The idea could be even funny if it wouldn't remind times when women served only as a decoration and her main task was playing piano, reciting French poetry and smiling.

Full credits

Advertising Agency: McCann, Malmö, Sweden

Creative Director: Albin Wendel

Art Director: Björn Lindén

Copywriter: Lars Larsson

Photographer: Maserati + Jeff Richt

Other additional credits: Imago media

Published: October 2008

Resource: AdSneeze, Ads of the world.

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