We have hidden the name of this brand: the logo and the slogan, in the following ad. The image is exactly the same as the original advert; we didn’t make any further changes.

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“Now that’s an eau de toilette”

This poster campaign announced a cleaning product, Ambi Pur. It’s a new and original way of attracting attention. Always we waiting appear for the boy handsome or pretty girl, the Ambi Pur brand surprises us with a woman seduced by a young boy. This creativity has a new code for a product category, household cleaning, where it is difficult to find new proposals, which makes the ad even more striking Who doesn’t call attention?

Advertising Agency: JayGrey Sydney Australia

Creative Director: Jay Furby

Art Directors / Copywriters: Jay Furby, David White

Photographer: Toby Burrows
Retoucher: marcus@cave,
Account Services: Vanessa Long, Claire Manning
Client: Sara Lee
Marketing Manager: Karen Gerard
Brand Manager: Anthony Fotoulis
Published: September 2009

2 Responses

  1. Okay…I guessed correctly. Based on the segmentation study we just concluded i would guess that this ad would score very well with women under thirty…and not so well with women over forty. The same woman on the shoulders of her date holding a lighter at a concert, isn’t the same person, with the same ad tastes, when she’s older.

    Plus no website or Facebook link? Missed opportunity to start a community dialogue.

    Personally, I like the ad. (But, then again. I’m a guy)

    Tom Jordan Author of “Re-Render the Gender”

  2. Interesting how in this case there are no comments of ladies full of anger about the sexist use of a person. In this case a man.

    For the record I have no problem with this ad but change the dude for a girl in bikini and the lady for a man with a wrench and all hell (at least girls’ hell) will break loose.

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