If Tolstoi was alive and he had made drink alcohol to the main character of one of his most celebrated masterpieces, Ana Karenina, he had done it with UV Vodka. Because this brand focuses directly to a woman, young female women specifically, and its advertising proves it. One of the ad pieces make a pink guitar form and the claim crowns "Queen of Rock" to the girl who proposes the best vodka recipe. The target is to promote a raffle participation that gives two tickets and three nights for a Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

For this commercial action, UV VODKA gets SPIN Magazine as a partner, acting as a speaker for the brand. The winners can also enjoy the cocktails at the Festival in its brandspace. What we call pure advertiment.

San Valentine's day is the second excuse for the next ad.A perfect day to celebrate with UV Vodka. Using the same creative resort than before, but making now a pink lip with the bottles. The brand suggest girls " serve on the rocks in a lowball glass". Conspirational winks between women. Sentences, words and secrets that your best friend would confess you to succeed in a mad night.

The brand has several options, a lot of products with an attractive packaging. Acid, eye-catching colours and rounded shapes. The perfect combination to attract our attention.

Flavours are strategically studied to offer a sweet and soft taste, basically, what a woman looks for in an alcoholic drink. Adding to this, they explain the properties of each product at its home website. They use terms like "sophisticated", "pink party" or "sweety", what defines its target group. Terms and words that men don't use at all.

Now is the time to show its product. The target is to inform about UV vodka qualities to female consumers. UV Vodka inform us in a tiny index card where we can get information about the calories, fats, cholesterol and proteins that we're not going to consume with this brand. A notable information to show off in summer!

Nancy Tarrasó

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