“We try harder”. Does it ring a bell? Back in 1963 Avis the rental car company adopted this slogan in an effort to make a positive reference to Avis as the second largest rental car company in the US. A direct competitor to Hertz, it remains to this day one of the longest-lasting taglines in the industry.

The origination of the slogan was not to create a cute, gimmick, but instead it was – and is — a business philosophy that every Avis employee holds true. “We Try Harder” has helped Avis earn a reputation as one of the most admired businesses in the world. As a result of the campaign, Avis’ advertising budget increased from $1.7 million in 1963 to $6.2 million four years later

A touch of female inspiration.

The original 1963 campaign focused on the phrase, “Avis is only number 2”, but it waswell known copywriter Paula Green who remembered what she learned during her first research meetings with Avis, who actually coined the now-famous phrase: “We try harder.”

In 2012 Google partnered with four brands in an advertising experiment to identify how today’s generation of advertisers could be inspired and learn from ideals of previous campaigns. Here is a video about Paula Green, the original copywriter of “We try harder” who came out of retirement to once again re-imagine her iconic ad in a film presented by Google. We hope you like it.

Read more http://www.avis.com.cy/We_try_harder.html

we try harder
We try harder vintage AD
we try harder
Original Avis Ad

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