viva la resistencia

The Spanish Association for Women's Health Development (ADESAM) in cooperation with the 40 Principales and the advertising agency Shackleton created the first communication campaign that is a real musical.

"Let's combine our voices against cervical cancer" is the musical's main message. Without naming directly the cervical cancer, the show speaks about the importance of information for saving live.

The musical is about love, fight and overcoming obstacles. The story is told by means of songs of famous Spanish artists: El Canto del Loco, Dover, Bisbal, Estopa, Melendi, El Sueño de Morfeo and La 5ª Estación. Besides, Amaia Montero acts as an ambassador of the action, and she will play some song from the musical during her tour.

The campaign's goal is to inform about the illness and the methods of prevention.

Apart from that, there will be a bus-informative-centre visiting the biggest cities in Spain, giving information about the illness; adverts in TV, radio, press and Internet.

Pablo Alzugaray, the Shackleton's president, confesses: "if this will help to avoid a single death, it would be the most important and meaningful campaign we have ever done".


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