The 18th of February, from 10.00 to 11.00 am Eastern Time, Uschi Henkes was answering to our twitter’s followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

Uschi Henkes (@uschihenkes)#WFCD all ready to go….
#WFCD (@WFCD)- So let’s Rock it! #WFCD
Sophia Thomas (@Sophiia_Thomaas)– Being new to the industry, what is the best way to get noticed by an agency? What qualities stand out to you the most? #WFCD
Uschi Henkes– You should be professional, a hard worker, innovative, positive and think that every project you work is the most important #WFCD
Maria Peris (@Maria_Peris)– Who was your first tutor in advertising? #WFCD
Uschi Henkes– An amazing art director, in the company Young and Rubicam in Frankfurt, and my first account with him was Procter and Gamble #WFCD
Maria Peris- What is the best campaign that you have worked on as creative director? #WFCD
Sophia Thomas – I love what you did with Western Union “It gets wherever it has to”, but what was your favorite campaign? #WFCD
Uschi Henkes- I have loved lots, but it’s always the last one I feel the most important, now being spring fashion for El Corte Ingles. The El Corte Ingles spot shows the model blooming from the ground, it’s really humorous and strange. #WFCD
AdWomen (@adwomen)- Such a great campaign that one! So powerful! #WFCD
Hydra Social Media (@HydraSM)– Versión completa del anuncio de El Corte Inglés!Nos encanta! @UschiHenkes #WFCD
Pru Peat (@ppeat)- #WFCD What do you feel makes your agency different to others in Spain?
Uschi Henkes- #WFCD The Zapping Village really is a village, 8 different specialist communications companies in the same place, sharing knowledge
Sophia Thomas- Having worked in both, what would you say is the biggest difference between the German and Spanish advertising industry? #WFCD
Uschi Henkes#WFCD In Germany everything is more thought out and in Spain its spontaneous and emotional. Sounds cliché, but it's true. A mix of Germany and Spain would be amazing!
Maria Peris- #WFCD How many women are there in your creative department? And the percentage in comparison to men percentage.
Uschi Henkes- #WFCD It's about 60:40 men to women, but always in change, we have had more women in the creative department as well.
Hydra Social Media- #WFCD I would say you did great! But I guess it wasn't easy! Great talking to you!
Uschi Henkes- Thank you very much, inspire to all woman working in advertising, we need more female points of view. Biggest challenge is combining work, family and personal time #WFCD
AdWomen- Time is up! #WFCD I want to send BIG thank to Uschi and all of you, your participation make this posible!
Uschi Henkes- Thank you to Adwomen and for your incredible initiative and encouragement! #WFCD
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