The 2nd of February, from 4.00 to 5.00 pm Eastern Time, Tiffany Rolfe was answering to our twitter’s followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

UNIQUE FREAK (UNIKFREK)- How do you keep organized with the chaos of all your projects? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe (@tifko)– My mind’s organized. Desk isn’t. I have a lot of people that help us focus (account/traffic). And I’ve learned to juggle. #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C (kerryanntweet)– I’m Young but does that matter in getting an intership? I don’t think I’m ready for a job and still want to learn. HELP? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe– I think if you are Young and still wanting to learn an internship is a great way. You can find mentors to help you. #WFCD

Jane Nation (@JaneNation)– What challenges did you face being a woman (interviewing for work) in a “man’s” job? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe– I didn’t have that challenge in the interview. Creative Directors are looking for someone talented/confident. Hopefully they saw that. #WFCD

Jane Nation– Feels like you are an exception to the rule as ad agencies are notorious for only hiring male Creative Directors. I’m my 15 years of agency experience this (St.John & Parnters) is 1st agency I ever worked with Female Creative Director. #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe– It feels like it thins out for women as get more senior. There are lots of reasons. But I try hard to hire/promote women. Some of it has to do with family. And some with the ad cultura. Senior women have to help. I just hired a Female Creative Director – Robin Fitzgerald. And promoted Meghan Deroma and Viv Wan to ACD’s. So it Works! They rock. #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C– I’m in Canada and want to do an international internship (US). How would I go about doing that? Send my book over e-mail? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- Yes, I would send your book overseas. But probably some restrictions in terms of work visas. It’s much easier if a student. #WFCD

Tatjana Vukic (@tatjanadanilo)- My question for Tiffany!!! #WFCD. Let me first congratúlate you on your appointment as co-executive creative (cont).

Tiffany Rolfe- Thanks! That was an easy question. #WFCD

Tatjana Vukic- When you were working on creative projects during your career, did you ever think, “Thank God, I am a woman”?. #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- I always wake up and say, “Thank God I am a woman!” I mean what chick want those pesky parts hanging ‘tween her legs’? ha #WFCD

Tatjana Vukic- How important is the ‘feminine instict’ in the creative process to you? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- I do use my instincts. It may be a creative thing, more than a female thing. #WFCD

Tatjana Vukic- Do you see any great advantage in seeing creative work through a woman’s eyes? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- Any time you bring a true perspective, the work gets better. Yes, being a woman, among a lot of men, can be valuable. #WFCD

Tatjana Vukic- Over the past 10 years we have seen a growth in infuence of women in media but the female stereotypes still dominate in commercials. Why we still see stereotypes (e.g. sexy bunny or the super mom, or the evil career woman) instead of a realistic female image? #WFCD

Jane Nation- VERY good point. It why we at Jane try to edúcate and hopefully eliminate #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- Yes, stereotypes, for women and men. I think with the Kotex work, Old Spice, we are seeing that change & get smarter. #WFCD

Tatjana Vukic- Good luck! Don’t get adapted to the AD world- make it better! Thanks for the answers! (I’m the stereotype ‘œsuper mom’ gotta go!) 😉 #WFCD

Sharonlew (sharonlew)– Love the supermodelquinns campaing, was that from a financially challenged place or just a great idea that worked with the $? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe-They got back to Old Navy’s fun quirky roots. & fashion/culture’s obssesoin with celebrities. We created our own fake celebrities. They still use talent (the voices $$), but we liked that they helped stores too. Our tv stars in every store in country. #WFCD

TIFF JOY (@TIFFJOY)- What is one thing you wish you had known as a Young creative? #WFCD
Tiffany Rolfe- I think knowing that it was about revealing me AND make a great work. Your personality showing is a big part of getting a job. #WFCD

AdvertisersAnonymous (@AdvertisersAnon)– What are your opinions on advertisments that are overly sexual in nature and seemingly expoit women? In many beer commercials #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe– I think women get it that they are stupid. And at this point I feel more sorry for guys when I see them. Ha #WFCD

AdvertisersAnonymous– haha well said! Great to hear from someone in your position! #WFCD

Jane Nation– We reviewed Baby Carrots for weekly few months back. Moms love idea, How’s campaign doing now? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe– The carrot campaing did great. Sales up %16. $500 millon free media. We just now need to go national- was just two cities. It’s not as easy to go national when you grow from earth. So will take a few months. They can’t add baby carrot factories. #WFCD

Jane Nation- Wet my pants funny you are! #WFCD

Jane Nation– What went through you head as a woman & a Creative Director when you saw this? #WFCD


Tiffany Rolfe– It’s an ad from an outdatd company/product, advertising in an outdated way. Desperate. Isn’t douching bad for you? #WFCD

Susan Suyi H. (@satisfeye)– Has social media helped you find youg creatives in any way? What are some things that you look for? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe– I meet people on Twitter and Facebook for sure. I’ve had interviews with some. And it also helps them show themselves more. #WFCD

Dan Dolan (@ddolan)- Do you think it is smart to look for interships outside the country, or should I stay in Canada for the time being? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe– It depends on where you want to end up. If you can get a company to sponsor you in the US, or get a temp visa, go for it. But there are great places in Canada. CPB even has an office there, Toronto. #WFCD

Dan Dolan– Thanks for the insight Tiffany, I’ll be sure to give CPB Toronto a hard look! #WFCD

Kasia Wyser-Pratte (Kasiawp)– What are the three most important skills/traits for female creative directors? Are they different for male Creative Directors? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- Passion– love creating real change, Hardworking- that’s how you look smart, Curiosity- things change, gotta stay relevant. Pretty much the same for men. Although acting mildly interested in sports can help women as well. (although I fail at that) #WFCD

Kasia Wyser-Pratte- BALLS? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- Balls can be in your mind. #WFCD

Thomas Macintyre (@ThomasMacG)- What’s a current great campaign that you wish you came up with yourself? #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- ‘Hate Something’, that Honda campaign. It was loveable. Kotex, nice to expose a whole category & history of women’s ads. #WFCD

Ad Chickadee (@Ad_Chickadee)- Is it me or does Tiffany’s avatar look like Jennifer Lopez? Hhhmm … LOL Thanks! Fun & informative #WFCD

Tiffany Rolfe- Ha I should have changed my pic for this. My grandpa says I look like JLo. He better have not meant my butt. #WFCD

AdWomen- I want to thank your smart conversation Tiffany. And Thanks to all for your participation! #WFCD
Tiffany Rolfe- Okay bye everyone! Rock out without a cock out. #WFCD

Susan Suyi H.– Thank you, for spending the hour with us today and providing us with helpful answers. #WFCD

Kasia Wyser-Pratte- Big thanks to Tiffany Rolfe, Jane Nation & #WFCD for a mind snack this Tuesday- refreshing, smart & funny. #WFCD -it’s our time, let’s ROCK IT!

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