Someday, a post like this on mainstreaming women leading the direction of an advertising agency will not make sense. Simply because will not be news. We will have achieved true equality. But unfortunately that day has not arrived yet, we need to explain it: Arnold, creative agency network of Havas, and AD, direct marketing specialist agency, CRM, data and digital, have merged to make way for Arnold4D: a agency customers such BBVA, Volvo and Coca-Cola.

A team of about 50 people and formed mostly by women, is led by Cristina Barturen and Susana Puras, previously EuroRSCG4D and ArnoldFuel respectively. Pilar Contreras, Marisol Coke, Angela Mora, Maria Rico and Ana Varela, as brand managers and Laura Relancio and Rosa Antuna, as gurus online, complete this ambitious project work EuroRSCG Group.

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