One of El Sol winner campaigns which attracted our attention is the Garnier’s collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer.


During the summer, Garnier created a prevention campaign against skin cancer in order to make society aware of the risk of sun exposure.

An email explained clearly which these risks are:


“There are things that even Photshop can not hide”. With this slogan, the email was sent to the Garnier’s data base: women between 20-45 years old, opinion leaders and with access to Photoshop.

As it can be watched in the video, the email drove you to the design software so you could retouch the image and find out the true abut our skin-it’s exposed to a risk of cancer.

Garnier, did not only make a commitment with the Spanish Association Against Cancer, but also made a reality its slogan: “Takes care of you”

This campaign won the Silver Sol in the category of Social Institutions.

Full credits:
Title: Hay cosas que el PhotoShop no puede ocultar
Advertiser: Garnier
Registered by: Orbital
City/Country: Barcelona
Product: Garnier, cuida de ti.
Brand: Garnier
Agency: órbital
Media: Soport. Interact.: Acciones de Comunicación
Category: Instituciones Sociales
Prize:  Silver


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