The Golden Stiletto Awards 2008 – the award for the best digital advertising campaigns created by the young female professionals from Great Britain.

Agency: Dare
Creative Director: Flo
Creative Team: Yasmin Quemard, Andy Amadeo and Simon Burnett
Account Director: Ash Amrite

Summary by the creative team


This is a brand with a unique music heritage, but it’s not necessarily the music player of choice. To reawaken the brand, it developed a new strapline: Music.Like.No.Other. A bold TV commercial was soon to follow. The client wanted an innovative online idea to sit alongside it.

The Sony Walkman project is all about online music collaboration. The sounds can be as diverse and dynamic as you like. You can be a performer, a creator, a co-creator… it’s music the way you like it.

Opening up the process of making music to everyone was exciting and scary at the same time.¨

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Resource: She Says.

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