Valerie Cheng‘s Executive Creative Director at JWT/XM Singapore and these days she’s judge in Digital & Mobile jury. We’ve spoken to Valerie and she’s told us her experience at Spikes Asia Award 2011. Many thanks for your collaboration Valerie!

“One day at Spikes Asia” by Valerie Cheng

Happy to have met 2 other fellow female juries today amongst 8 of us. It was a pretty easy day of judging to get down to the shortlists, given that I’ve judged a lot of the work in other shows in the region and at Cannes. The atmosphere is very relaxed and easy-going, thanks to Jeff Benjamin and a very humble bunch of creative leaders.

The overall quality has definitely risen in digital and we’ve moved on from gimmicky work or work which reflects technology for technology’s sake. We need to find and celebrate work that is right for the brand and are not only creative but insightful and strategic. In fact, the simpler the better.

There weren’t many pieces of work which were specifically targeted at women and they weren’t particularly outstanding. But in general, a good body of work that have shown that digital is maturing well in this region and it’ll only get better.

The only peculiar thing I’ve noticed is in the work from China and Korea. They seem to be really fond of creating campaigns with soap dramas online. I guess it can only be a reflection of what the target audience really want.

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