Who is the creative team made up of? / ¿Quién forma el equipo creativo?

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This billboard is a creativity made by three great women from India. (See full credits)

"Natural finish colours" is the slogan of the paint brand, Berger. The billboard created by the advertising agency communicates the message perfectly. The illusion of this hoarding is that the painter, who appears, seems to be extending the blue of the sky on to the billboard. The trick was done by cutting out the part of the billboard and giving it an actual shape of the roller strokes.

The creativity plays with natural resources in a way that is often being related to dreams, poetry and romanticism. The creative team combined the product with the concept of nature and authenticity, and the idea was adapted in a perfect way to the chosen media vehicle.


Could we deduct that these are typical feminine values (nature, authenticity, romanticism…)?


Ficha técnica

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mumbai, India

Executive Creative Director: Tista Sen

Creative Director: Nandita Chalam

Copywriter / Art Director: Minal Phatak

Fabricator: Alakh Publicity, Tushar Rechwad


Resource: I believe in ad.

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