Puebla, Mexico, is the latest city to offer a taxi service exclusively for women. Intended as a safe means of transport, bright pink Chevys are driven by women only and will not stop for men. For further female appeal, the cabs are equipped with beauty kits, GPS and emergency panic buttons. Sixty pink taxi drivers aged 25-45 transport women from side to side of the city.

An initiative that works in London, where every little detail is important; female consumers must pay with credit card to avoid mugging and they received two missed calls to get ready at the door when the taxi arrives. Barcelona is another city that recently join this initiative, but it does discreetly, without the distinctive pink color. All this pink ladies had been target of bad critics, like feminism or reactionary.

Personally, I think it’s a good initiative for a female marketing segment with a new product to exploit. What do you think about that? Would you like a pink taxi in your town?

Nancy Tarrasó.

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