Nümph is a “made by and for women brand”. They are a few Danish girls that have been created a beautiful fashion brand. North European people are in- the- know. Their collections are special and brave, but without being too trendy. As they say, their clothes are for a self confident and independent woman, who likes to stand out for her own personality. Inspired by the “nymphs” and their delicated strength comes up Nümph.


They have also created a second line for children called “mininümph”. Some of them are mums, and as a cool mummy, of course they want to dress their kids with the most hype clothes. This was one of the brands that showed off its spring summer 2010 collection on the Bread and Butter Urban Fair. I was on this trend event that has been at Barcelona for a long time, but now goes back to Berlin, in deserted Tempelhof Airport, specifically, where I fell in love with this brand. Well done nymphs!


Una compradora vestida de Nümph

A shopper dressed by Nümph


Nancy Tarrasó

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